tiistai 10. tammikuuta 2012

Dubai NYE 2012!! vol.2

In the NYE 2012 Moulin Rouge- Show all the girls had different caracters. I did the make up for Firecracker, Seductress, Domina and Ring Master..other caracters were Roxanne, Fairy, Diva and Doll.

advert from our show

backstage chilling

first girl before make up..The Firecracker

building up the stage

I look like this ;)

half of our stuff

outfits for the show


hotell had it´s own bottled water :D


Domina before makeup

and after :)

before make up..

The Seductress


The Firecracker

The Ring Master


building up moulin rouge


waiting at backstage the party to begin..

running order

girl look amazing!!

first stage performance begins..

main stage

happy new year 2012

back to the stage..

The Firecracker solo

finally time to relax :DD

show is over..to the afterparty

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